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Summary:  Absalom was the son of King David of Israel and led a 11th Century revolt against his father

Date:  Probably Lived during the 11th and 10th Centuries BC (Perhaps 1009 BC to 978 BC)

Location:  Israel, the Middle East

Family:  Father: King David; Wife: Maacah

- Introduction -

    Absalom was the third child of the well known Israelite king, David.  He lived, most likely, during the 11th Century BC. and was eventually slain by David's commander, Joab.


    It is interesting to note that Absalom's grandfather on his mother Maacah's side was the King of Geshur, Talmai and that his great grandfather on his father's side was Obed the son of Boaz and Ruth both notable Biblical figures.

    Absalom was born in the Israelite city of Hebron.  The same place that, hundreds of years earlier, the patriarch Abraham had bought a cave for his family burial place.  David later captured Jerusalem and moved there with his family, whereafter Absalom spent a good deal of his life, living comforably as a prince.


    Now Absalom did many things, not all of them were admirable.  His mother's name was Maacah, she had a daughter named Tamar who was the only full blooded sibling of Absalom from what we know.  He also had many half brothers, these are a few of their names:


  • Amnon 

  • Chileab

  • Adonijah*

  • Shephatiah

  • and Ithream


     Absalom ordered some of his servants to have Amnon killed to repay for a time that Amnon had wronged him.  The day the deed was done Absalom fled quickly to Geshur, fearing the wrath of King David.  He stayed there with his grandfather, Talmai, son of Ammihud.


    After three years had passed, David's commander, Joab, was ordered to bring Absalom back.


    Not long after Absalom's return, he led a rebellion against his father and while David's men were desperately fighting to defend him from the rebels, Joab killed Absalom regardless of the fact that David had commanded that no man must harm his son.


    Absalom had a very wise, godly father however he did many wicked things.  Why?  Well the main reason seems to be that David did not spend much time getting to know his sons and disciplining and training them.


    Absalom had had three sons and three daughters.  One of his daughters was named after his sister Tamar because of her beauty.


    Absalom was a man of charm who was able to steal the hearts of many people.  However he mostly used these abilities for evil and was eventually killed by his father's Captain.

Researched and Written By

Ladine Mitchell (Edited by Cody Mitchell)

Absalom was the son of the well known King David of Israel.  He was involved in a large uprising that caused his father to flee Jerusalem.

*Adonijah later led a rebellion against David and crowned himself king.

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