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Summary:  A talented Dutch artist

Date:  17th Century AD (Christened in 1632 - birth date unknown)

Location:  Delft, the Netherlands, Europe

Family:  Father: Reynier Janszoon Vermeer; Mother: 

Digna Baltens; Spouse: Catharina Bolnes

 - Introduction -


    Unfortunately, very little is known about the remarkable artist, Vermeer.  Despite this, we know that he lived in the Netherlands, which had recently lurched itself free of Spanish rule.  Johannes was born in Delft, a Dutch city in the southern part of Holland.  Although we know he was baptised as an infant in 1632, his exact birth date is unclear.

    Vermeer painted slowly.  However his pictures demonstrated great skill and beauty when they were finally finished.  Even though so little is known about Vermeer, he has left amazing artworks for us all to admire.

Johannes Vermeer's 'the little street'

- The Little Street -

     This picture was composed around the year 1658. It is one of Johanne’s smaller pieces of art measuring 54.3 by 44cm.  The medium used is oil paints on canvas.  This artwork is a scene of the everyday life of Dutch people living contentedly in their houses on a quiet city street.  An interesting thing to note, is that  Vermeer’s signature can just be seen in the window sill of the house on the left.


    Johannes liked to depict the reflective side of people doing activities such as; reading, making music or writing, rather than daily life and work routines.  He painted this particular one for a close friend, a man by the name of Van Ruijven.  Vermeer painted realistically, economically and used clever tricks to enhance the life like appearance of his work.


    The artwork is simple at first glance and may seem a little dismal or even dirty, but as you observe it closely, ‘The Little Street’ becomes alive with breathtaking beauty and pleasant delight.  It has a satisfying effect as you study the picture’s detail and quality.  Johannes has successfully produced a charming, realistic and lovable painting for all to admire.

Researched and Written By

Ladine Mitchell


A painter and artist, Vermeer left a beautiful mark upon history.  He left it for all to admire.

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