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Summary:  A famous defender of Britain immortalised through ancient legend.  Possibly also known by the Roman name Ambrosius Aurelianus (Ambrosius may have been Arthur himself, or his Uncle)

Date:  Born during the 4th or 5th Centuries A.D.

Location:  England, U.K. and possibly Wales

Family:  Father: Uther Pendragon; Mother: Igraine

 - Arthur of Camelot -


   Everyone has heard the fantastical legend of the courageous knight, King Arthur.  The kingdom of Camelot, the sword in the stone, the wizard Merlin and the lady Guinevere are vivid imaginations in our wild minds.  But is this all mere myth?  Is there truth to the story?

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- Arthur Pendragon of Britain -


   In reality, precious little is known about the historical Arthur.  Most likely of Roman heritage, Arthur Pendragon was the son of one Uther Pendragon.  


    After the final Roman legions departed in circa A.D. 407, Saxon tribes from Germany had invaded the Isles of Britannica and were raiding far and wide.  During this time of hardship, many Britons turned to Arthur in the hope that he would lead them to victory.  An able commander, Pendragon began a lengthy campaign to drive the Saxons into the sea.  In the year 516, Arthur’s British forces decisively crushed the main Saxon force - possibly lead by the infamous warlord Hengist - in an epic battle on Badon Hill.  


    Regardless of the British victory at Badon Hill, Saxon raiders continued to plague Britain’s coast, so, for the next twenty-one years, Pendragon led his forces against the invaders until he was killed during the battle of Camlann in A.D. 537.

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- Conclusion -


   Interestingly, it is mainly due to the lack of historical detail that the fantastic legends of King Arthur of Camelot have arisen.  In 2008, a brilliant feature film, titled ‘Pendragon: Sword of His Father’, attempted to construct a fictional story around our limited understanding of Arthur - or, as the film’s protagonist is named, Artos Pendragon.  We may never know the true story of Arthur, in which case his legend will continue to spark the imaginations of adults and children alike.

Researched and Written By

Cody Mitchell​


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Arthur Pendragon, son of Uther Pendragon, was an historical military commander immortalised through exaggerated legend.  He ably defended England against the early Saxon invasions.
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