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Summary:  One of the Kingdom of Macedon's greatest kings

Date:  Born 382 B.C.; Died 336 B.C.

Location:  Macedonia, Europe

Family:  Father: King Amyntas III; Mother: 

Eurydice I; Brothers: Alexander and Perdiccas


- A Man of Integrity -

    The biggest virtue of Philip was integrity. He was a truly brilliant man who appears to have been a far better candidate for king than either of his two brothers were. However, he was ever supportive of them and patiently waited in line for his opportunity to rule Macedonia.

King Philip statue

    Born in 382 B.C. Philip was the youngest of the three sons of King Amyntas III. After Amyntas died Macedonia descended into chaos. It was only after the deaths of both his brothers that Philip finally found himself on the throne of Macedon. In the most difficult of times he was able to brilliantly persuade or defeat his enemies and soon Macedonia was one of the richest, most powerful countries in the world.


    One of the greatest achievements of Philip was to reorganise the Macedonian army. In 358 B.C. he was able to test it out against the Illyrians, whom he defeated soundly.


    Much of what Philip did set the foundation of his son, Alexander the Great’s reign and his invasion of the Persian empire. In fact Philip himself was planning to invade Asia. Although he never did succeed in this ultimate goal, Philip was able to subdue much of Greece and other surrounding countries.

- Philip's Death -


    In 336 B.C. during a celebration, Philip II of Macedon was assassinated. Hence Alexander succeeded him as the next king of Macedonia. However far from perfect he may have been, Philip appears to have been a very humane, virtuous man. Philip is rarely recognised as the builder of the Macedonian Empire, however in reality, it was he who set the foundations of Alexander the Great’s reign.

Researched and Written By

Cody B. Mitchell 


Philip was the man to whom Alexander the Great owes his success.  Philip set the foundations for his victorious invasion of Asia.

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