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History's Page is a community-driven project, so we are always keen to hear from new history students and writers — of all ages! — who are keen to contribute. We welcome a range of perspectives.

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We welcome a range of perspectives on History's Page; however, we are particularly interested in research and writing that helps us to apply historical knowledge to the present and future.
Here are a few general guidelines to think about when preparing your submission. Please get in touch if you have any questions!​​

  • Accuracy: While the editorial team will spend time formatting and editing your article in preparation for publication on the site, we do not have the resources to fact-check each article comprehensively. The responsibility for factual inaccuracies and other errors lies completely with the author.

  • Writing Quality: Please do your best to edit and proofread your article before submitting it. Use a free service like Grammarly to perform a basic spelling and grammar check on your piece. Better yet, get someone in your family to proofread it for you. This makes our job a lot easier!

  • Historical Rigour: Articles on History's Page are expected to engage in some measure of historical literature—whether primary source, secondary source or both. Beyond that, we don't have specific demands. We will consider publishing historical fiction, dramatised history writing, historically-minded opinion pieces and full-fledged research essays.

  • Valuable Contribution: We prefer pieces that offer a unique argument or contribution, rather than simply stating historical facts (although there is certainly a place for that too!).

  • Length: There is no particular length limit. Excessively long articles may be broken up into multiple parts for publication separately at the discretion of the editorial team. One exception is for academic pieces like research essays, which will be published as a single article to maintain the paper's integrity (unless the author indicates otherwise).

  • Submission Guidelines:

    • Please submit your article in a generally accessible format (Word Doc or Google Doc is preferred).

    • If you have suggested images to go with the article, please ensure you have permission to reuse them (or that they are in the Public Domain). Providing us with the link where you downloaded the image will help us verify that we can use it.

    • ​If you have a suggested title for the piece, please include that in your email, along with any other details you think may be helpful.​Please also provide a high-quality image of yourself and a short bio.

Of course, to maintain the quality of the writing on History's Page, we reserve the right to withhold any piece from publication for any reason.

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