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800 Horsemen by Col Stringer

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Title: 800 Horsemen: God's History Makers

Author: Col Stringer

Published: 1999

Comments: Written by respected Christian author, Col Stringer, 800 Horsemen privides a compelling Biblical perspective of the Battle of Beersheba. Although it has come under fire by some for presenting a bias view of history, 800 Horsemen is still presents a valuable contribution to the public's historical knowledge of the battle.

In 2004, 800 Horsemen came out of nowhere to be rated Australia's twelfth favourite book. Col Stringer's Fighting Mackenzie reached 29th.

The book is certainly worth a read if you are at all interesting in this pivotal battle. Easily three stars!

Recommended Reading Age: 15+

History's Page Rating:

Three Stars (out of five)



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