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Our Island Story by H.E. Marshall

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Title: Our Island Story: A Child's History of England

Author: Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall

Published: 1905

Comments: Our Island Story documents the history of the British Isles from its birth to the 20th Century (when the book was first published) in an easy to understand, yet not watered down, manner. It is important to make sure a young reader is aware of the difference between fact and fiction in the book, Marshall uses a mixture of both.

Some may accuse H.E. Marshall of bias patriotism, however, although none of us can be wholly innocent of this grave sin, I believe that she has done an adequate job of presenting a relatively objective history of the United Kingdom. Marshall puts ethical standard above blind patriotism. This is especially clear during the discussion on the War of Independence.

The short, several page, chapters contained in the book also make for easy reading. While a cover-to-cover read is ideal, each of the chapters is designed to allow for topical reading as well Our Island Story was one of the first history books I (the Editor) ever read and could well have been the book that gave me my love for history.

Considering the incredible contribution that Great Britain has made to world history, I strongly recommend that every child read this book!

- Review by Cody Mitchell (Editor)

Recommended Reading Age: 7-18

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Editor's Approval




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