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Pontius Pilate by Paul L. Maier

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Title: Pontius Pilate: A Novel

Author: Paul L. Maier

Published: 1995

Comments: Pontius Pilate is an engaging and, as far as I understand, accurate historical novel. Written about the Roman governor who condemned Jesus Christ to death c. AD 30 or 33, the book is thought provoking and informative.

I certainly recommended Pontius Pilate for more advanced readers. Paul L Maier reveals a wealth of information that I had not found elsewhere. And, of course, the format of the book is conducive to learning as it immerses the reader in the time of Christ. Pontius Pilate is an incredible book that I found quite intriguing!

- Review by Cody Mitchell (Editor)

Recommended Reading Age: 12+

History's Page Rating:

Four Stars (out of five)




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