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The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Title: The Black Arrow: a Tale of the Two Roses

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Published: 1888

Comments: A truly classic historical fiction novel. If you enjoy Robert Louis Stevenson's other works, like Treasure Island (1882), The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1886) or Kidnapped(1886), you will absolutely love The Black Arrow. Although at times the original language can be challenging, it is well worth a read.

The Black Arrow is set during the Wars of the Roses and follows the adventures of young Dick - the son of the late Sir Harry Shelton of Tunstall. The book has a fairly good balance of action and romance as Dick Shelton and Joanna Sedley are caught up in the wars of their day. It also introduces a number of historical figures, including Richard Plantagenet (also known as Richard Crookback - the Duke of Gloucester and future King Richard III of England).

The Black Arrow is indeed a masterpiece.

Recommended Reading Age: 10+ (Original more suited for 14+)

History's Page Rating:

Four Stars (out of five)




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