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Yet We Forget

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Is ANZAC Day worth remembering? Some people don’t think so. After all, it costs a lot of hard-earned taxpayer money to build memorials and host memorial ceremonies. Why should it matter that we remember what happened over a hundred years ago?

We weren’t there. What is it that we are even remembering?

On ANZAC Day, we commemorate the sacrifice others willingly and selflessly made for us. During the First World War (in 1915), twenty-thousand Australians and ten-thousand New Zealanders were sent to attack the Turkish Empire (an ally of Germany). Disastrously, however, the ships veered off course landing one-and-a-half kilometres north on a beach called Gallipoli. Jumbled and confused, the men figured there was nothing for it but to capture the steep and rocky ridge.

Under constant gunfire, the ANZACs pressed on until they had gained the first slope. Orders were then sent to capture the next hill. The task was impossible. Thousands of men were slaughtered, but, still, they persevered. After months of fighting, the Australian and Allied troops were commanded to evacuate from Gallipoli.

Although many men died in what seemed to be a useless exercise, they showed exceptional courage. These men deserve our respect.

Should we celebrate ANZAC Day now?

After all, the campaign was a fatal mistake, resulting in the loss of numerous lives. Anti-Australians think it glorifies war and costs too much. True, we spend a lot of money on memorials and centenaries for the Anzacs.

Is it worth it?

This is the wrong question. What we should be asking is this: Were we there?

Did we watch our friends charge at overwhelming odds, and then fall and fall silent, all the while knowing that it was our turn next? Sadly, some have disrespected and threatened ANZAC Day on social media. This is an alarming display of just how easily we can forget the past and fall into ignorance.

Witnessing this disturbing truth, however, demonstrates all the more that Australians must celebrate ANZAC Day. These incredibly brave men died for the freedoms that we now enjoy. What they did one hundred years ago affects us today. Always remember that.

What we, as Australian citizens should uphold and respect, are the values our ancestors struggled for: mateship, perseverance, self-sacrifice and liberty. Since all who actually fought at Gallipoli have passed away, it is crucial that we build monuments where we can reflect on what those spirited men did for us – Lest We Forget!


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Cody Mitchell
Cody Mitchell
Feb 26, 2019

Excellent post Deeni - I love the play on words in the title.


Caleb Shaw
Caleb Shaw
Feb 26, 2019

Well written. They will forever be in our hearts and memories - 'Lest We Forget'.

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